Ready-to-drink Hydration Cans

Ready-to-drink Hydration Cans

These are truly nice cans. Why? They’re specifically formulated to help meet your daily hydration and electrolyte needs. They’re ready-made for your convenience because we know when you’re tired EVERY SECOND BACK COUNTS. And they will always tell you when you’ve got something in your teeth. Pretty nice, huh?

  • Ingredients

    What’s in it:

    • Spring Water
    • Cane Sugar
    • Citric Acid
    • Natural Flavour
    • Sodium Citrate
    • Magnesium Phosphate
    • Potassium Citrate
    • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C),
    • Natural Sweetener (Steviol Glycosides)
    • Natural Colour (Mixed Berry – Carmine; Orange – Beta-Carotene, Carmine; Coconut – Titanium Dioxide)
    • Folic Acid

    What’s not:

    • Low sugar (2.5g/100ml)
    • Low sodium (15mg/100ml)
    • Low calorie (47kj/100ml)
    • No artificial sweeteners
    • No artificial colours
    • No artificial flavours

  • Perfect for hydration at home or on-the-go.
  • Folic Acid, Vitamin C and Magnesium to help you meet your daily needs.
  • Perfect addition to your labour hospital bag. 
(You’ll thank us later.)
  • Developed by a leading Australian obstetrician
  • Easy to gulp down at 4.30am, when your baby decides it’s a GREAT time for the day to begin.


When you’re so nauseous you can’t keep anything down.   When you’re more ‘slow’ than ‘glow’.   When you’re grunting and sweating (and 💩 ing ) through labour.    When it’s 6pm and you haven’t had time to blink let alone drink.   When you’re dehydrated AF but can’t face another sip of water.