The Aquamamma Gift Card

The perfect gift for tired, thirsty mums and mums-to-be. Because unfortunately there’s no such thing as a Sleep Gift Card, so the gift of healthy hydration is the next best thing!


Shipping applies to individual Sample Pack orders. The Sample Pack contains 1 sachet of each flavour. Max of 1 per order.

Gift Cards are sent directly to the recipient's email address. To maintain surprise, we recommend sending the card to your yourself and forwarding it on or printing it out when the time is right.


When you’re so nauseous you can’t keep anything down.   When you’re more ‘slow’ than ‘glow’.   When you’re grunting and sweating (and 💩 ing ) through labour.    When it’s 6pm and you haven’t had time to blink let alone drink.   When you’re dehydrated AF but can’t face another sip of water.