How to increase milk supply when breastfeeding

Feel like you’ve tried everything from lactation cookies to lactation tea and still can’t increase milk supply? A key component is staying consistently hydrated, rather than relying on lactation supplements. Consistent hydration can help to increase milk supply and also improve flow, which in turn can keep your baby satisfied.

You know the feeling. You’re already exhausted, your new baby wants a 4am feed. All you want is to give them what they want and your boobs aren’t keeping up their end of the bargain. Rather than reaching for more lactation cookies, you can do your baby (and yourself) a favour just by making sure you stay hydrated. 

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Why hydration helps to increase milk supply

Breastfeeding is a marathon, not a sprint. You wouldn’t show up to a race without water, so you can’t expect to stay hydrated when that cute little milk-guzzling monster is taking it out of you. If you have any dehydration symptoms, chances are milk won’t flow easily and your bub might get frustrated. If you’re showing signs and symptoms of dehydration, this is going to create additional risks of issues such as mastitis – and no one wants that!

When you’re breastfeeding, you lose around 700mL of water per day via breastmilk alone (water accounts for 87% of breastmilk and the average milk production in the first six months of breastfeeding is 780mL per day). That means you need about an extra litre of fluid every day to stay hydrated and increase milk supply.

While it’s easier said than done, you need to make rest and hydration a priority. That means drinking as much as you can before, during and after feeding to stay hydrated. It can be easy to put yourself second (or last…) during those early days, but if you’re not looking after yourself, dehydration symptoms can create extra challenges, and you ain’t got time for that.

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How to increase milk supply through hydration

We know you barely have time to shower and you’re wearing the same sweats for the third day in a row, but we do suggest drinking as much as you can to stay hydrated so that feeding is one less thing to worry about. While water is always number one, there are alternatives if you just can’t get enough.

Try Aquamamma cans or our electrolyte powder hydration sticks diluted to your taste which will supercharge your hydration and help to increase milk supply.


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